B2B vs B2C Affiliate Marketing


With affiliate costs anticipated to reach $8.2 billion in 2022, there’s never ever been a much better time to begin your own network. Nevertheless, if you’re going to optimize your revenues, you’ll require to target the ideal audience.

Thankfully, with a little bit of understanding, you’ll have the ability to pick in between beginning a business-to-consumer (B2C) network or a business-to-business (B2B). If you get this choice right, you must have no issues growing your affiliate endeavor and making a cut of that $8.2 billion.

In this post, we’ll discuss the distinctions in between B2C and B2B affiliate marketing. We’ll then share 3 essential elements to think about when choosing which technique is ideal for you. Let’s start!

An Intro to B2B vs B2C Marketing

When organizations begin their own affiliate marketing programs, they tend to default to B2C networks. In a B2C setup, you partner with a business that will promote your services or products to end-point customers.

These customers will then utilize your service or products. The most popular affiliate programs are B2C, consisting of Amazon Associates:

B2B vs B2C affiliate marketing.

Although a few of the most popular affiliate marketing networks are B2C, offering to customers isn’t the only alternative. You can likewise begin a B2B affiliate marketing network.

B2B is any deal or activity in between one service and another. As part of a B2B program, business will promote your service or products to other business. The traditional example is a wholesaler who promotes your products to sellers.

B2B and BC2 affiliate networks both have distinct strengths and weak points. This suggests one technique is most likely to provide greater revenues for your specific service.

Thankfully, by selecting a versatile service like Easy Affiliate, you’ll have the flexibility to produce either a B2B or B2C affiliate program:

With Easy Affiliate, you don't have to choose between B2B vs B2C.

Utilizing our affiliate control panel, you can offer your partners with all the details and innovative properties to promote your links to their audiences– whether they’re customers or other organizations.

With our one-click payments, you can simplify the payment procedure. This function makes it simple to reward B2C partners for numerous smaller sized sales. It likewise makes it simple to reward your B2B associates for single big-ticket commissions.

B2B vs B2C Affiliate Marketing: Which Is Right for You? (3 Factors To Consider)

Running an effective program depend upon partnering with the ideal affiliates. This suggests that selecting in between B2B and B2C is among the most crucial choices you can make.

With this in mind, let’s guarantee your program leaves to the very best possible start by checking out the strengths and weak points of each technique!

1. Prospective Reach

Online shopping is huge service. In 2020, retail ecommerce sales around the world passed $4 trillion and are predicted to grow to $5.4 trillion in 2022.

With numerous customers now going shopping online, your common B2C affiliate marketing program has a nearly unlimited audience. If you wish to create numerous sales and promote your services and products to a broad audience, a B2C affiliate marketing program might be perfect.

B2C might likewise be a great fit if you produce products that have mass appeal. For instance, numerous influencer online marketers effectively promote electronic products:

An example of an electronics influencer on Instagram.

By contrast, most B2B affiliate marketing programs have smaller sized, drilled down audiences. Although there were an approximated 213 million business worldwide in 2020, many B2B programs target particular sectors.

If you focus on service or products within a specific niche market, a B2B network might be ideal for your service. Nevertheless, it deserves thinking about that even an effective B2B affiliate marketing program might just provide a modest variety of brand-new consumers.

2. Sales Cycle

For many organizations, changing to a brand-new company or provider is hardly ever uncomplicated. There might be numerous procurement policies you require to finish prior to acting.

Many bigger business will likewise have essential stakeholders that require to be associated with decision-making.

Embracing your business as a brand-new provider might need a considerable quantity of time and effort. With this in mind, B2B sales cycles are frequently a lot longer than B2C sales cycles:

In truth, HubSpot classifies a B2B possibility as somebody who might be looking for a service at some point in thenext 12-24 months This suggests you might need to wait a while prior to your B2B network begins providing conversions.

On the other hand, customers are usually fast decision-makers. There is no one-size-fits-all timeline for B2C purchases.

Nevertheless, it deserves keeping in mind that in the traditional stages of the customer lifecycle, the customer has actually currently purchased by action 3. This fact recommends that if you wish to begin making sales quick, a B2C affiliate marketing program might be a much better suitable for your service.

3. Consumer Life Time Worth (CLV)

While the B2B sales cycle might be lengthier than B2C, the long-lasting benefits might be more considerable. For instance, the client life time worth (CLV) is generally much greater.

Experts identify CLV as one of the most vital metrics in B2B sales.

This makes good sense when you think about the work needed to alter the procurement procedure. As soon as a company has actually embraced you as its company, relocating to an alternative provider is lengthy and complex.

Any modification in the supply chain might likewise trigger interruptions. These can affect business’s revenues and even trigger it to lose consumers.

All of this suggests that as soon as you have actually protected a brand-new client by means of a B2B network, they’re most likely in it for the long run. For that reason, an effective B2B network might provide high-value customers and a long-lasting earnings if you wait on those conversions.

With B2C networks, the client can move in between numerous suppliers, possibly within the exact same shopping session, with absolutely no friction. Nevertheless, this does not always imply that you can not change B2C transforms into veteran consumers.

Presuming you offer consumers with favorable experiences, they might end up being repeat consumers. Nevertheless, they have the versatility to change to an alternative business at any time.

With this in mind, you might require to work more difficult to maintain B2C consumers. For instance, if your rival cuts its rates, you might need to arrange a sale to preserve your B2C transforms.


Affiliate programs create between 15-30% of all sales for marketers. Nevertheless, if you wish to improve your revenues, you require to target the ideal audience.

Let’s rapidly summarize 3 elements to think about when choosing whether B2B or B2C affiliate marketing is ideal for you:

  1. Prospective reach. Most of B2B networks have actually restricted audiences, specifically when compared to the large variety of customers who go shopping online.
  2. Sales cycle. B2B has a longer sales cycle than B2C. If you wish to create conversions quick, this is a location where B2C has the edge.
  3. Consumer life time worth (CLV). For numerous organizations, altering a provider or company is hardly ever uncomplicated. For this factor, B2B has a much greater CLV than B2C.

Do you have any concerns about B2B vs. B2C affiliate marketing? Let us understand in the remarks area listed below!

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