How to Include a Site To TikTok to Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales In 2022 


Do you wish to know how to include a site to your TikTok? If so, you remain in the best location … however the response isn’t as basic as you may believe.

In reality, if you desire a clickable link, you’ll need to work for it. However do not let that scare you away!

In this post, we’re covering:

  • The lots of methods you can include a site to your TikTok profile.
  • Alternatives if you can’t include a clickable link.
  • How to maximize your TikTok traffic.
  • Lastly, how to optimize your link area to get more traffic, leads, and sales.

How to Include A Site to Your TikTok Profile

To include a site to your TikTok profile, click “Edit Profile”. Next, tap “Bio” and type or paste your link in your bio area.

Nevertheless, if you desire a clickable link, you require a service account with 1,000+ fans. When you reach 1,000+ fans with a service account, a brand-new choice will appear in your profile settings identified “Site”.

TikTok has actually made lots of modifications concerning clickable profile links.

Speaking from individual experience from having several TikTok accounts, individual profiles had the capability to include a link prior to mid/late 2020.

Then, if you made a service profile prior to mid-2021, opportunities are you have the choice to include a link, despite fan count.

Nevertheless, since late 2021 or early 2022, TikTok launched an upgrade that no longer permits company accounts to include a link up until they have actually reached 1,000 fans.

It appears quite clear that TikTok is doing whatever they can to keep users on the app for as long as possible.

They’re doing this by increasing video length from 3 to 10 minutes, incentivizing developers to go Live as frequently as possible, and making it more difficult to include external links.

From a service viewpoint, this makes good sense. The longer individuals remain on the app, the more profits they make from marketers.

Nevertheless, it’s not excellent for your own company if you have less than 1,000 fans on your TikTok profile.

What’s odd is TikTok has actually not launched any main posts, assistance pieces, or main documents concerning external links or their constraints on them.

Nevertheless, there are other methods to drive traffic from your TikTok profile and we’re discussing all of your alternatives here.

Who Can Have a Clickable Link on TikTok?

Company accounts with 1,000 fans or more have the capability to include a clickable external link in the “Site” area of their profile.

Although 1,000 fans utilized to be the “magic number” to being able to go Survive on TikTok, now it’s much more “magic” since you can’t include a clickable link up until you arrive.

So if you wish to include a clickable link to your TikTok account, initially you require to grow to 1,000 fans or more.

Can You Include a Site To Your TikTok Profile Without 1,000 Fans?

Technically, yes, you can include a site link to your TikTok profile without 1,000 fans. Nevertheless, this link will not be clickable.

You can copy and paste or type your site or affiliate links into the bio of your TikTok profile.

If you choose to utilize this technique, utilize a link shortener like Bitly to make your link as simple to check out as possible.

This is since users can’t copy your bio, they will need to see your link and type it out themselves if they wish to visit your site bad enough.

If you’re utilizing an affiliate link, make sure to acquaint yourself with the conditions of the affiliate program. Some affiliate programs (like Amazon Associates) do not permit their affiliates to utilize link shorteners.

If this sounds challenging to you, there are other alternatives. While absolutely nothing is as excellent as a link right on your profile, there is an option.

Can’t Include a Clickable Link to Your TikTok Profile? Do This Rather

TikTok might not permit you to include a link without 1,000 fans … however you understand who does? Instagram.

And you understand what else? TikTok permits you to perfectly connect your Instagram right to your TikTok profile.

Here’s how to do it.

Initially, you’ll require to develop an Instagram account and include your site link to your IG bio.

Then, from your TikTok profile, click “Edit Profile”.

Scroll to “Social” and click the link to include your Instagram account to your profile.

An Instagram login page will appear so you can enter your qualifications and connect your accounts.

When you connect your Instagram profile to your TikTok, users will have the ability to click the Instagram cam icon on your profile to go right to your Instagram account.

Include a call to action in your TikTok bio to motivate profile visitors to go to your Instagram and visit your link.

If you wish to optimize your click-throughs, incentivize your profile audiences with a giveaway.

For instance, your bio might state something like:

” See my IG to get your totally free guide to constructing a specific niche site!”

Tools to Optimize Your Link Area

When you reach the “magic number” of 1,000 fans and can include a link to your TikTok bio, you just have area for one link.

However if you resemble many individuals, you have several links you wish to share and drive traffic to. Here are a few of the very best tools to optimize your TikTok link area.

You can utilize these tools on Instagram, too, so you do not even need to wait up until you strike that 1,000 fan number to provide a shot.

  • Beacons– Beacons is an effective and visually pleasing tool to position several links in your TikTok bio. You can include videos, music, and your leading TikTok posts, too.
  • Shorby— With Shorby you can include several links, videos, and posts, and you can even set it to immediately upgrade with brand-new site material.
  • Koji— Koji is a link in bio tool that’s popular with developers like artists, artists, NFT owners, artists, eCommerce brand names, and more.

A lot of link-in-bio tools do the very same thing, however various tools have various looks and work best for various type of developers.

If you wish to offer your audience the possibility to discover you in several locations or take in several pieces of material, utilize among these tools for all your resources in one area.

Last Ideas on Including a Site to Your TikTok Profile

TikTok is a remarkable source of natural traffic. As a TikTok material developer, you can get more site visitors, social networks customers, leads, and more.

However if you’re simply starting on TikTok, it may be stunning to discover that you require 1,000 fans to be able to have a clickable link.

Nevertheless, as you understand now, there are other methods to record your TikTok traffic.

TikTok users are utilized to getting in touch with their preferred developers on other apps, like Instagram.

In reality, I may even state that needing to direct your audiences to your Instagram profile is in fact truly useful. This offers you the capability to grow several social profiles simply from publishing TikTok videos.

Simply remember that just asking individuals to go to your Instagram to discover your links isn’t the most efficient method to do it. Brainstorm a lead magnet that your audiences would desire and take advantage of and utilize it as a reward to motivate them to click over to the Instagram platform.

If you wish to know how to acquire countless fans on TikTok overnight, have a look at our guide: How to Make a Viral Video on TikTok.


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