Why Resolving Your Own Issue Is A Substantial Benefit For Tech Startups


Dmitrii Zotov, creator and CTO at acclaimed efficiency marketing platform Affise, assisting business scale through collaborations channel.

As a business owner, I frequently see SaaS start-ups reoccur. Finding out which ones will make it through and end up being scaleups is difficult, however there is one essential concern I believe every prospective financier should ask start-up creators: Who initially had the issue this SaaS item resolves?

All software application is suggested to fix issues for an end user, however that’s not what I’m discussing.

What I suggest is, when the concept for a brand-new SaaS item popped into the creator’s mind, specifically who had the issue that had influenced the concept? The response I constantly listen out for is “me.”

Here’s why I believe that response “me” is so essential.

Effective SaaS software application requires to fix an issue, however there is a huge distinction in between a start-up creator understanding an issue exists in the abstract and a start-up creator who is so disappointed by an issue that he believes up a software application service to repair it. 3 huge benefits that originate from resolving your own issue:

1. Direct understanding of the issue. Every SaaS advancement ought to begin with research study into the requirements of completion user, however there is absolutely nothing like direct understanding of an issue for supplying a headstart. This likewise makes it simpler to keep the task on track throughout the vital early phases and makes it a lot easier to construct models and MVPs with the best function set to interest the marketplace.

2. Strength of sensation. “Enthusiasm” is a tired word in company, however I believe there is genuine worth in a co-founder who has actually personally felt the disappointment he wishes to get rid of. The more frustrating the issue is, the more need there will be for a service. Having a co-founder with this level of understanding is a substantial benefit.

3. Preventing duplication. If the creator has actually made the effort to plan a SaaS service, it is far more most likely that this is a truly brand-new development. Or, put it another method, nobody has a flash of motivation to fix an issue that does not require resolving. There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with developing an enhanced SaaS item to take on existing market leaders, however in SaaS, it’s the real developments that are the most engaging.

Naturally, there is a downside to being so near to the concern. Creators who construct SaaS options for their own issues can experience a downside: an absence of viewpoint.

Is this issue huge enough to support a service that will end up being worth billions of dollars? If the creator is close enough, he may not see this response properly.

Likewise, as a financier and consultant, I understand it’s completely possible to produce magnificently developed SaaS software application that resolves an issue that just a few individuals have. It’s possible to produce an inspired service that does not have a big adequate market to be rewarding.

An excellent user experience style procedure is normally adequate for conquering problems with viewpoint, nevertheless. On balance, I think that having a creator or co-founder who is resolving his/her own issue is a substantial benefit.

How did I get to this conclusion? Well, it took place to me.

I trained as a software application engineer and ultimately worked as a designer in the affiliate marketing market. A couple of years later on, I released my own affiliate marketing network for mobile apps and ecommerce platforms, ending up being a business owner myself for the very first time. This was really amazing, and the cash was great, however … I might see an issue in the market that truly troubled me.

The platforms that affiliate networks were handled from weren’t sufficient. They were sluggish and they did not have a great deal of performance. Likewise, it was clear to me they were established to determine the incorrect thing. The whole affiliate market was focused just on determining clicks, when what brand names truly desired was actions, like sign-ups or purchases. Clicks just really matter if they result in sales, and this openness was missing out on from existing platforms.

That awareness caused a quite huge modification in my life. I offered my affiliate network to a larger network so I might introduce my own SaaS business. I was figured out to transform affiliate marketing by resolving the issue that had actually irritated me a lot.

My future co-founder, Stanislau Litvinau, had actually been believing along the exact same lines for a long time. He was positive consumers desired a platform that might deal with enormous information loads, was easy to use and, most importantly, was completely transparent. Since he understood I completely comprehended this issue from individual experience, Stanislau was positive I was the best individual to assist make our vision a truth.

Therefore he invested.

Would our business have done also without this direct understanding of the issue we wished to fix? It’s difficult to state for sure, however I extremely question it. And when I measure SaaS start-ups I may like to purchase or assist as a consultant, I am constantly trying to find somebody who remained in a comparable position to where I was– somebody who wished to fix an issue they understood and completely comprehended.

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