WP Rocket Evaluation & Tutorial 2022 [Real User Opinion]


Google’s Core Web Vitals have actually been the talk of the town considering that May 2021 when they ended up being a ranking element for mobile searches. In January 2022, they ended up being essential on desktop too.

And everybody rushed to comprehend what the biggest contentful paint is and how to enhance it.

Fortunately, website owners do not need to look after it by hand. In our WP Rocket evaluation, we’ll have a look at one of the very best– and most pricey– caching plugins out there.

Is it worth the cash? Will WP Rocket assist you pass Core Web Vitals?

WP Rocket Evaluation: Our Decision

WP Rocket is a great plugin. It’s outstanding for websites that require assistance cleaning up the mess, accelerating their pages, and ticking all packages to pass Core Web Vitals. It has remarkable customizability and advanced alternatives that you will not get with any other caching plugin.

Nevertheless, it may not deserve the large price. If you have a smaller sized website that can’t take advantage of all the innovative modifications readily available, WP Rocket is not for you.

Here’s the bottom line of our WPRocket evaluation: If you require a much faster website, any caching plugin will assist. You do not require the expensive techniques of WP Rocket. However if you have persistent diagnostics in Google’s Page Insights, WP Rocket may be a requirement. It depends upon each website.

WP Rocket Benefits And Drawbacks

WP Rocket has a great deal of things going all out. It’s the only caching plugin we discovered that functions many fragile retouches frequently required to pass the Core Web Vitals. And this is on top of simply accelerating your website.

However it’s not an ideal tool either. WP Rocket is quite costly in a market with numerous totally free rivals.

And while WP Rocket deserves the cash for some websites, it’s still doing not have some services you ‘d anticipate to get for $49/year. These are absence of image optimization (unless you pay additional on Imagify) and the absence of any kind of script management.

Both of these are very important for passing the CWV. And WP Rocket does not cover them, a minimum of at the time of composing.


  • Effective plugin to accelerate your website
  • Lots of small tweaks that can assist your WordPress website pass the CWV
  • Lifestyle tools
  • Fantastic combinations
  • Easy to utilize/ not puzzling user interface


  • Expensive
  • It does not have all the functions you ‘d anticipate for a paid caching plugin

Prior to we go into the information of our WP Rocket evaluation, let’s clarify some terms

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket assures to accelerate your website, and it provides. Here’s what it can do:

  • CSS and Javascript optimization
  • Internet browser caching management
  • Media optimization on your WordPress website
  • Advanced personalization for all web efficiency alternatives

It does an exceptional task of it too. WP Rocket assists websites pack faster and pass the Core Web Vitals with flying colors.

What is WordPress Caching?

Caching is a method to shop information so that you can access it much quicker when asked for a 2nd time. For instance, think of the post you read now.

There are images on this page, ingrained short articles at the bottom, and most likely a button or more.

All of these files are saved in the cache of the website server, and in the cache of your internet browser. In this manner, they pack much faster than resources that need to be calculated for the very first time when you open the page.

Can a Premium WordPress Caching Plugin Improve Your Website Speed?

Yes, this kind of WordPress plugin enhances how your website does cache.

This makes your WordPress website much faster.

However a WordPress caching plugin like WP Rocket does more than simply accelerate your website. It’s a vital tool if you’re attempting to pass Google’s Core Web Vitals.

It’ll assist you make fragile retouches that can enhance essential metrics like Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Hold-up, and Cumulative Design Shift.

It does it by altering the order in which your aspects are filled. For instance, they postpone a great deal of the javascript loads. And they likewise restructure your declare faster load.

For instance, WPRocket produces “vital CSS” which is a CSS file that ONLY consists of above-the-fold aspects and is, for that reason, a lot smaller sized than the complete page’s file. This assists your loading speed and Very first contentful paint, which are important for passing the CWV.

And in turn, passing the Core Web Vitals is important for websites that wish to rank high up on the SERP. Google has actually been keeping track of these vitals for a while. Because early 2021, they have actually likewise made them a ranking element.

However what can WP Rocket do, more particularly?

WP Rocket Functions

WP Rocket has actually a stacked deck of innovative alternatives and settings to enhance your website’s efficiency. While much of them are basic for web efficiency plugins, WP Rocket has a couple of aces up its sleeve.

That’s what makes WP Rocket worth the cash for numerous websites.


WP Rocket’s caching tab lets you set some things, like whether to make it possible for caching for mobile phones or website users.

It likewise lets you modify the life expectancy of the cache, however we just suggest you concentrate on this if Google PageInsights trigger you.

Wp Rocket Cache Options

The default cache life expectancy ought to be great enough for many websites as many WordPress styles are responsive nowadays and do not require a different mobile cache.

All in all, caching isn’t that unique. WP Rocket settings are on par with its totally free options in this classification.

Minification, however– that’s where WP Rocket comes online.

Submit Optimization and Minification

Submit optimization is most likely WP Rocket’s crown gem.

The plugin provides lots of alternatives for minification and numerous alternatives in how files are minified.

For beginners, WP Rocket lets you look after the essentials. To enhance your page shipment, you can minify all the CSS and Javascript on your website. However if you have Cloudflare, that’s not a big advantage. You can do it totally free with their services.

Wp Rocket File Optimization Options

You can likewise enhance CSS shipment and load and hold-up Javascript files. This consists of the generation of vital CSS, which can set you back $10/month without WP Rocket.

Wp Rocket Pricing Annual

We do not suggest you integrate CSS files considering that more recent HTTP procedures utilize different files. Ticking this alternative can screw up your efficiency.

However here’s where the genuine kicker is available in: WP Rocket lets you leave out material from minification which can assist avoid some bugs or problems.

Wp Rocket Javascript Files

As far as we can inform, it’s the only tool on the marketplace that lets you do this.

And it can be a huge advantage for larger websites that wish to enhance their material. For instance, you can leave out pop-ups from optimizations considering that minifying them tends to mess things up.

WP Rocket is likewise the only tool on the marketplace that lets you eliminate unused CSS. Unused CSS is among the most typical transgressors in Google Pagespeed Insights, so this alternative can be available in convenient.

Wp Rocket Unused Css

It’s a beta function at the minute, so it may not offer outcomes for everybody. However we value it and it works well for the most part.

Wp Rocket Optimize Css Delivery

And the WP Rocket evaluation gets back at much better.

Media Optimization

Lazy loading is when websites postpone the initialization of resources till they’re required. It’s a typical advancement practice, and it can assist enhance efficiency a lot, specifically on resource-heavy pages.

WP Rocket lets you execute lazy packing on your website. It’s great, however this is in fact a default feature on WordPress since 5.5.

Wp Rocket Media

There are a great deal of private plugins for lazy loading. However web efficiency plugins hardly ever include this (other than for W3 Total Cache).

Furthermore, WP Rocket likewise lets you leave out images and iframe material from lazy loading. They’re the only plugin to use that. And it’s EXTREMELY handy since it avoids all the BS JS submits from YouTube from packing and pipes your speed rating.

That’s fantastic if you wish to personalize the user experience on your website or simply wish to ensure big material is constantly filled in. It’s specifically handy to enhance LCP if you have a highlighted image above the fold. Furthermore, you can omit it with CSS class names, so you do not need to input each image’s URL.


Preload cache is not always the greatest benefit of WP Rocket. It simply loads material into cache even if a page is not checked out by somebody.

Wp Rocket Preload

What WP Rocket does on top of that is DNS demands prefetching. This lets you prefetch things like typefaces, and in turn enhance your LCP rating.

Wp Rocket Prefetch Dns Request

Advanced Guidelines

Like many web efficiency plugins, WP Rocket lets you leave out URLs from caching. This is essential for pages that get upgraded frequently or for pages with delicate info like login pages.

However WP Rocket once again lets you target extremely specific problems much better than its rivals.

Wp Rocket Advanced Rules

You can target specific cookies and representatives that you never ever wish to cache. You can likewise cache question strings.

This is handy if you have a great deal of traffic being available in from external projects. For instance, if you get traffic from Facebook advertisements, you can include the “fid” question in this field:

Wp Rocker Cache Query String(s)

In this manner, when visitors from Facebook wind up on your website, you will not develop a brand-new cache for existing pages. The page must likewise take advantage of caching for them too even if they have distinct tracking IDs.

So include another function to the list of things no other WP Rocket rival can do, however that not all websites can utilize to their benefit.

Database Optimization

You’ll undoubtedly collect some brand-new drafts, lots of remarks, and transients when running a website.

Database optimization assists you eliminate the mess.

Wp Rocket Post Comments Cleanup

This is not that essential for brand-new websites. It’s an excellent thing to have even more down the line, however it’s not something you ought to stress over in the start.

When you wish to tidy up your database, however, do not forget to develop a backup. You can wind up erasing things you required.

Database optimization is not a distinct function in any method. The majority of web efficiency plugins have it.

Material Shipment Network

A content shipment network is a geographically dispersed network of servers that assist enhance your website speed. CDNs will track your website visitor’s place and conserve declare them on the closest server they have.

Cdn Ah

This is an excellent method to enhance website speed and to ensure your website gets fantastic speed metrics all around the world by decreasing physical range in between the servers that host your greatest files and your visitors.

WP Rocket does not use a CDN totally free, however it incorporates well with third-party CDNs.

Wp Rocket Cdn

WP Rocket likewise has its CDN, RocketCDN, which you can get for $7,99/ month. Nevertheless, we have not checked this one yet. Likewise, it’s rather pricey. BunnyCDN is less expensive, and WP Rocket most likely simply resells Bunny in a white-label, as many business their size do nowadays.

We understand for sure that WP Rocket works fantastic with Cloudflare. You simply require to include your account e-mail and item type in the add-ons tab. If you do not utilize Cloudflare, you can likewise by hand include any other CDN you’re utilizing.

These alternatives, too, are lovely stock requirement. Bar perhaps from the alternative to eliminate private files from the CDN rather of whole directory sites.

Heart Beat Tab

The WordPress Heart Beat API is an integrated function that assists provide front-end updates. It’s an excellent tool, however it can likewise restrict your website speed sometimes. Heart beat can likewise be made use of by DDOS attacks, so it’s great from securing your website too.

With WP Rocket, you can take control of the API and lower its activity.

It can offer some outcomes to restrict the damage of WordPress updates, pictures, and so forth.

Wp Rocket Heartbeat

It’s an excellent alternative to prevent DDOS attacks, even if a great deal of hosting strategies currently handle Heart beat by default. Simply ensure you do not lower Heart beat excessive. It straight impacts autosave, so you may lose the work you’re doing on the website.

Other Functions and Add-ons

WP Rocket has outstanding combination with Cloudflare. The very same holds true for Sucuri and Varnish. These all use small tweaks and techniques that can assist enhance your website for various internet browsers. They’re a great add-on.

Wp Rocket Add Ons

Furthermore, WP Rocket has quality-of-life tools like importing and exporting your settings or rolling back to a various plugin variation. If any upgrade screwed up your website or WP Rocket settings, this is great to have.

Nevertheless, WP Rocket does falter in some locations.

So for a total WP Rocket evaluation, let’s see what it’s doing not have.

What WP Rocket Is Missing Out On

For a tool that costs you $49/year, WP Rocket ought to include some image optimization abilities.

However it does not.

Most Likely since there are API or processing expenses related to it.

However still, you anticipate they ‘d a minimum of look after part of it.

If you desire a tool that compresses and enhances your images, you’ll require to get something else on top.

WP Rocket does use another plugin– Imagify– which can look after this. However it costs $9.99/ month. And a few of the services they offer, like compressing images, are looked after totally free by other plugins.t

Wp Rocket And Imagify

The very same thing holds true for script management.

Here’s the important things– numerous WordPress plugins load scripts even on pages where they’re not present. For instance, your kind plugin may pack scripts on your web page or “about us” page, even if there’s no kind there.

A script management tool like AssetCleanup looks after this. Totally free. And it’s an important action in the procedure of enhancing your website and passing the Core Web Vitals. It makes no sense to minify Javascript files and CSS that you’re not utilizing anyhow.

So a thorough WP Rocket ought to likewise use some kind of script management.

Sadly, it does not.

WP Rocket Speed Test Outcomes

Enough taking a look at the theory. Let’s do some screening.

Well, some disclaimers initially. We have actually utilized WP Rocket on a great deal of our websites. And it supplied exceptional outcomes. So we suggest it.

It’s an excellent tool.

We’re not attempting to evaluate that. In this WP Rocket evaluation, we’re attempting to see whether it deserves the $49 price when most WordPress caching plugins are totally free.

Test Website Efficiency with no efficiency plugin

The website we utilized for this is a screening play area. So it’s not an active website, although it does imitate one quite well.

Here are the outcomes:

Wp Rocket Test Diagnostic

As you can see, the website has some problems that require to be repaired.

Wp Rocket Test FCP Issues

Among the greatest issues we had was render-blocking problems.

Wp Rocket Test Render Blocking Issues

Besides that, we needed to repair these problems:

  • Text didn’t stay noticeable throughout webfont load
  • Images didn’t have specific weight and height qualities
  • Extremely sluggish FCP on 3G networks
  • Stop chaining vital demands
  • Keep demand count low
  • Eliminate long-maining thread jobs

They’re organized in order of concern. Let’s see how the plugins fared in the tests.

Test website efficiency with Breeze

Breeze is among the most utilized WP Rocket options, and it’s totally free. If you’re running your website on a budget plan, you’ll more than happy to understand that it’s an ideal option. Prior to exposing our outcomes though, remember that Breeze is Cloudway’s plugin. That’s the host we utilized on this test site.fimagi

There was an enhancement with Breeze. However it didn’t rather get us over the goal to pass the Core Web Vitals test.

Breeze Test Results

We still require to lower unused CSS and JavaScript. That was a repair for a few of the problems currently on the website. However setting up Breeze developed more issues with unused CSS.

Breeze Test Unused Css

Along with an entirely brand-new diagnostic:

Breeze Test Diagnosic Issues

Furthermore, our greatest issue (removing render-blocking problems) is still there. Breeze does not do that great of a task at enhancing CSS.

Breeze Render Blocking Resources

So Breeze may do great for some websites, however it can likewise fizzle. In our case, it wound up doing more damage than great.

And even if it worked without a drawback, it ‘d still miss out on functions we require on our website to pass the CWV, like image optimization and elimination of unused CSS.

Test Outcomes After WP Rocket Optimization

WP Rocket assisted us enhance the CWV metrics by a lot.

Here are the outcomes:

Wp Rocket Results After Optimization

Although the FCP still has some problems, we pass the CWV with flying colors, and not excessive work enhancing the plugin.

We still had some problems:

Wp Rocket FCP After Optimization

The image aspects still appear as not having width and height qualities. That’s because in our specific case, the images were pulled from Amazon.

We can’t change them due to ToS, and Amazon does not enhance them. This is most likely the factor some problems still continue, although they’re not as impactful any longer.

However for the most part like this one, WP Rocket’s media optimization functions suffice to keep you covered.

And even without them, the core problems of enhancing CSS and JavaScript were resolved.

WP Rocket Prices and Assistance

Now that we covered functions and usage, let’s discuss WP Rocket’s deal. Its rates is the criticism usually leveled versus the WP Rocket. Which’s since many other WordPress caching plugins do not request for a cent.

Here’s their rates plan:

Wp Rocket Pricing

Compared to premium WordPress plugins, it’s lovely basic things. And we simulate the 14-day money-back assurance. You can offer it a shot without dedicating for a whole year.

We discussed pricing a lot in this evaluation. Simply put, WP Rocket validates its rate point with innovative personalization functions that you can’t discover anywhere else.

For some websites, it’s these little targeted alternatives that can make the distinction in between passing the CWV or not. For other websites, they may not show that important.

And for all websites, it’s a downside that WP Rocket has no script management, or image optimization functions. For the price, they ought to exist.

Assistance is fantastic, however not truly “outstanding.”

Wp Rocket Support

An assistance representative from the WP Rocket group reacted to our ticket in under 24 hr, and they cleaned up any concerns we had. Not to discuss, their understanding center and paperwork are extremely detailed.

Nevertheless, there’s no live assistance, and their assistance center does not include a history of your messages. So it might be much better.

Conclusion: Should You Purchase WP Rocket?

That depends.

If you have a little WordPress website and you simply wish to speed it up a bit, you should not purchase WP Rocket. Other totally free WordPress caching plugins like Breeze are what you require.

If you’re on a tight budget plan, likewise attempt to make it deal with totally free tools. And most significantly, concentrate on the other parts of SEO. The core web vitals are a huge part of ranking, however they’re not the only ones. They’re not even the most essential ones.

If you’re severe about your authority website, however, and you have actually currently seen some development, WP Rocket is the next action. Even if it’s costly compared to the competitors, and it does not have whatever we had actually like in a paid web efficiency tool.

It’s the just one that can assist you fine-tune the little things required to pass the Core Web Vitals.


Is WP Rocket worth the cash?

For medium and huge websites that require to do some tweaking to pass the Core Web Vitals, WP Rocket is certainly worth the cash. It has actually advanced functions like leaving out files from minification or eliminating unused CSS.

For smaller sized websites simply beginning, however, WP Rocket is not a requirement. If you get it, it most likely will not deserve the cash. You can’t make the most out of its innovative functions.

What does WP Rocket do?

WP Rocket is a web efficiency plugin. It accelerates your WordPress website and assists you pass the Core Web Vitals. It does all of that mainly instantly. And you get lots of customizability alternatives for things like caching minification or preloading.

Which is much better, WP Rocket or W3 Overall cache?

W3 Overall cache is a great alternative if you’re on a budget plan. Nevertheless, if you wish to get innovative functions that you would not get in totally free caching plugins, WP Rocket is the method to go. It’s the best bet you’ll pass the Core Web Vitals.

Is WP Rocket a complimentary plugin?

WP Rocket is not a complimentary plugin. It costs $49/year, even if the majority of its rivals are totally free. Nevertheless, WP Rocket has a 14-day money-back assurance, so you can technically offer it a shot that method. If it does not work for your website, you can constantly request for your cash back.


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